Tucker's IRS Jokes

image via rottentomatoes.com

When tax relief seems like a distant dream, some people turn to humor . . . especially comedians.  Chris Tucker is still not out of the woods with the IRS, but he has NO problem laughing about his tax problems.  Follow the link below to a hilarious recent video:

Chris Tucker on Tom Joyner Morning Show

Tucker is back in the public eye these days touring around doing stand-up.  When asked what got him back, he jokes that it was the IRS.  He says the IRS told him he needed to get back out there and make some money.  “I made a lot of money in the past,” Tucker says, “and I thought it was all mine.”

Tax policy jokes?  He’s got those too.  Obama’s raising taxes (which he can’t afford to pay), but he will still be voting for him.  And he promises to pay his taxes “when Mitt Romney pays his.”

Tucker’s plan is to keep touring (a tour he has dubbed the “IRS Tour” or the “Help Your Brother Out Tour”) and making money to try to get his finances back in order.  He thinks the IRS might just show up at one of his shows in Dallas to collect the tax debt, so he has to be on his best behavior and continue to live within his means.  “I ain’t buying no more cars, no more houses.  Me, Jermaine Dupri, and Toni Braxton are getting a condo together.”