IRS Tax Relief

IRS Tax Relief
Get the power of an IRS tax attorney to resolve your tax headaches. Mr. Montgomery and Mr. Wetenkamp have years of experience negotiating with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and helping taxpayers, like you, resolve their tax debt nightmares. IRS Tax help is just a phone call away. Call (800) 454-7043. 

IRS Levy Assistance
If you are reading this, you are likely the target of fierce IRS collection efforts. Don’t be intimidated by the IRS. The IRS can levy your bank account and income through wage garnishments and bank levies. Get the bank levy and wage garnishment help you need now! Don’t lose sleep because the IRS is taking your hard earned cash. The tax relief services of Montgomery & Wetenkamp may be able to take the action necessary to timely resolve you tax matter and prevent future bank levies and wage garnishments.

Tax Settlements - Offer in Compromise
Some taxpayers are able to settle their tax debt with the IRS for less money than they owe to the IRS. This is called an Offer in Compromise. The tax relief attorneys at Montgomery & Wetenkamp are familiar with the stringent IRS requirements for an Offer in Compromise and can competently guide taxpayers through the process. Once an Offer in Compromise is accepted and paid, the back tax debt once owed is satisfied.

Tax Hardships - Currently Not Collectible Status

For taxpayers who find themselves in a hardship situation, such that they are unable to make any kind of payment to the IRS, Currently Not Collectible status is typically the best option. Should the IRS be persuaded to place a tax account into Currently Not Collectible status, the back tax debt remains until the time for the IRS to collect the tax debt expires, the taxpayer’s situation changes, or the tax debt is paid in full. But no monthly payments are required, and the IRS is prohibited from taking forced collection activity, such as bank levies and wage garnishments, while the account is on Currently Not Collectible status.

Installment Agreement
Taxpayers who are unable to pay their back taxes in full when they become due, but have the means to pay some or all of their tax debt over time, usually the best option is an Installment Agreement. The IRS Tax Lawyers at Montgomery & Wetenkamp can aggressively negotiate for an affordable payment on behalf of the taxpayer. 

Tax Audits and Exams
Have you received a notice from the IRS indicating that they will be taking a closer look at your tax return? An organized approach and an understanding of tax laws and procedures is crucial when defending your tax return. Let the tax attorneys at Montgomery and Wetenkamp provide you with tax audit defense and represent you in your tax audit or examination proceedings.

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