What is the California Employment Development Department (EDD)?

It is a department of the government that provides services to businesses, workers, and job seekers such as assisting employers with labor needs, administering federally-funded workforce investment programs, assisting disadvantaged recipients in becoming self-sufficient, supporting state activities and benefit programs by collecting and administering employment-related taxes, and more. The EDD serves as one of the nation’s largest tax agencies through the collection of payroll taxes.

EDD (Employment Development Department) – California Payroll Taxes

The EDD is California’s largest tax collection agency, offering a wide variety of services under the Job Service, Unemployment Insurance, State Disability Insurance, Workforce Investment, and Labor Market Information programs. It also handles the audit and collection payroll taxes and maintains employment records for more than 18 million California workers.

California’s Employment and Development Department (EDD) enforces collection against California’s employers for payroll taxes, which includes California Unemployment Insurance and Employment Training taxes. Contact us today with any questions concerning the EDD, EDD tax relief, and California payroll taxes.