FTB Hardship Status – Petition for Temporary Deferral from FTB Collections

While every Franchise Tax Board tax debt collection case is unique, sometimes the best option is to negotiate for a temporary deferral from FTB (Franchise Tax Board) collections. This type of tax resolution is useful because the client is protected from earnings withholding orders and other actions the FTB can use to collect a tax debt from you.

The hardship status that can be negotiated with the FTB is temporary and the extension will not last longer than one year, so it’s important to have a tax strategy for your long-term tax resolution negotiations when considering this option. For many people fighting the FTB, this option is practical if they are unable to afford monthly payments on their debt, or just need time before they can make payments or fund an offer in compromise tax settlement. If this sounds like it applies to your situation, contact us and we can help you.