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Singer Lauryn Hill is Going to Prison for Tax Crimes

Looks like our girl Lauryn Hill is going to spend some time in prison for her tax crimes.  She pleaded guilty last year to failing to pay taxes on about $2.3 million during a 5-year period. Here’s a breakdown of what … Continue reading

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IRS Records Prove AROD is a Bad Guy in Boston

According to a recent Boston Globe review of Internal Revenue Service (IRS) filings New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez is a bad guy. A Boston news source depicting a Yankee as a bad guy is hardly surprising. What interests me, as … Continue reading

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Cook County Politician on Trial for Tax Evasion

I don’t know anything about William Beavers, the Cook County commissioner, but at age 78 shouldn’t he be living on a golf course somewhere in Arizona? Instead Beavers is being tried for tax evasion.  Prosecutors allege that between the years … Continue reading

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It’s Who You Know

Federal tax refund fraud is a growing problem that has the IRS on its toes.  Over the past few years the IRS has intensifyied its efforts to combat refund fraud, but it has been a challenge for the IRS to keep pace. Some … Continue reading

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Tax Protestors: Keep your Distance

Tax protestors typically turn to a handful of “canned” arguments regarding the government’s lack of authority to levee taxes.  These arguments are typically not very successful.  When tax protestors refuse to pay taxes based on these flawed legal positions, they are typically hit … Continue reading

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Procedure for Reporting Tax Law Violations Needs Work

Maybe it’s because of the recent unprecedented IRS whistleblower payout, but people seem to be eager to turn others in for tax law violations these days.  Nevermind their own tax problems.  Of course most of the inquiries I see come from the estranged spouse or the “friend” seeking revenge. The best … Continue reading

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California Attorney Failed to File Tax Returns – Sentenced to 6 Months in Prison

California attorney Kevin Mirecki has been sentenced to six months in federal prison after pleading guilty to three counts of failing to file his tax returns and will not obtain tax relief. Mirecki was also ordered to pay more than … Continue reading

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San Diego Couple Busted for Alleged Tax Fraud

Dr. James Francis Murphy, 51, and his wife Denine Christine Murphy, 49, from the San Diego area, ran a successful medical practice.  But while Dr. Murphy was providing pain relief to his patients, he must have been sneaking toxic doses of tax relief for … Continue reading

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What’s with Floridians and their Penchant for Tax Crimes?

I recently blogged about how Florida is becoming a hotbed of tax crimes.  The US Department of Justice issued a press release this week about a Floridian who appears to be engaging in illegal tax activities right from his prison … Continue reading

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Do Tax Cheats Feel Much Shame?

According to a survey of 1,105 Americans conducted by The Shelton Group, cheating on taxes is not as shameful a thing as it may have once been.  See Forbes article for more information. The relevant portion of the survey asked “How embarrassed … Continue reading

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