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More on the Individual Mandate

With the individual mandate element of ObamaCare going into effect in 2014, some people who are currently without health insurance may be wondering if they should begin looking into joining the ranks of the insured. We now know what the penalty … Continue reading

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Is IRS Ready for Obamacare Amid Turmoil?

The IRS was selected as one of the main agencies to implement President Obama’s new health care law.  Many of the provisions will go into effect next year.  But it is difficult to see how the IRS will be able … Continue reading

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Help the IRS Reduce America’s Tax Burden

You’ve probably never heard of the Taxpayer Burden Reduction (TBR) division of the IRS; few people have. TBR is led by senior advisor, Laurie Tuzynski, who recently explained her role in an official IRS video. Taxpayer Burden is defined as … Continue reading

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IRS to Hire 4,000 New Employees

“[I]t’s a power grab. So even if the ObamaCare gets thrown out those agents will be there to harass us. What we need as a nation is fewer tax collectors and more entrepreneurs. We need tax simplification and these IRS … Continue reading

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World Series of Tax Reform

On October 22, 1986, President Ronald Reagan signed into law the most sweeping tax reform in United States history.  At the conclusion of his speech he said: I feel like we’ve just played the World Series of tax reform, and … Continue reading

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