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IRS Expands ID Theft Program to All 50 States

Around this time last year, the IRS began a pilot program in the state of Florida that allowed IRS personnel to share confidential taxpayer information with local law enforcement to simplify the finding and prosecuting of identity thieves. Then in … Continue reading

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IRS Regrets Star Trek Parody

The Internal Revenue Service has now released the Star Trek parody training video it produced at the cost of $60,000.  The video’s release was soon followed by a formal apology. The IRS recognizes and takes seriously our obligation to be good stewards of … Continue reading

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Controversial IRS Parody Videos

There is plenty of controversy surrounding the IRS’ $4 million per year professional video production studio in New Carrollton, MD.  Most of the controversy has been stirred by a man named Charles Boustany, Jr., chairman of the House Ways and … Continue reading

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Cook County Politician on Trial for Tax Evasion

I don’t know anything about William Beavers, the Cook County commissioner, but at age 78 shouldn’t he be living on a golf course somewhere in Arizona? Instead Beavers is being tried for tax evasion.  Prosecutors allege that between the years … Continue reading

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Nick Diaz’ Tax Confession

MMA fighter Nick Diaz needs to just keep his mouth shut on so many different levels. Most of the time it is his barely inteligible taunting and trash-talking of his opponents (which he hasn’t always been able to back up in … Continue reading

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Refund News: Some Good, Some Bad

The Good The IRS is sitting on $917 million in refunds for people who haven’t yet filed their 2009 tax return.  They made the announcement today via IRS Newswire.  See IRS Newswire Issue Number IR-2013-29.  If you’re wondering why they waited … Continue reading

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Tax Tips in an Improving Housing Market

Stimulus Considerations Over the past several years there have been various homebuyer tax credits and programs offered to stimulate the housing market. Homebuyer tax credits and programs, while they are great when you can claim them, can also be a tax … Continue reading

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Caution Upon Contact

I have written before about the Potentially Dangerous Taxpayer (PDT) designation that can be given to those who are stupid enough to harm or threaten IRS employees.  A recent audit done by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) finds that … Continue reading

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The IRS and Public Perception

In the United States, payment of taxes is based on “voluntary compliance.”  We figure out what we owe on our own (or we pay somebody else to do it), and then we pay what we owe based on the honor … Continue reading

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Bartering: IRS Gets Theirs Even When Cash is not Involved

Today the IRS reminds us that the value of goods or services received through bartering is taxable (IRS Tax Tip 2013-29). Bartering is simply trading one product or service for another product or service without an exchange of currency.  I was introduced to bartering … Continue reading

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