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IRS Gives Payroll Tax Extension for Business in Sandy’s Path

Filing and paying your taxes is a serious obligation that cannot easily be avoided or postponed.  If you fail to file and/or pay on time, you will be responsible for penalties and interest that can make your tax debt add … Continue reading

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Sandy & Obamacare

Just a couple random observations today: 1. Hurricane Sandy – Have you ever seen the looting that goes on when there are major storms and disasters?  Well, there is a distinct probability that we will see internet “looters” who don’t actually go and affirmatively … Continue reading

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Perseverance Pays Off

It’s difficult to write about tax relief today after witnessing our beloved San Francisco Giants defeat the Detroit Tigers in a four-game World Series sweeeeeep!  What a dramatic series, and what an amazing season!  One of my favorite stories is that of Barry … Continue reading

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Axl Rose on Punctuality

Guns N’ Roses was notorious for starting their shows late.  I always believed it was a standard side effect of the rock n’ roll lifestyle; the drugs, the revelry, the general irresponsibility.  But Axl Rose, GNR frontman, recently addressed the issue of … Continue reading

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IRS Phishing Hits New Low

By now we are used to reports of phony IRS emails spamming computers around the nation. We know that identify theft scams can result in loss of privacy, loss of property, tax problems, and countless hours of work trying to … Continue reading

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TIGTA Finds Problems with IRS Hardship Program

Due to our nation’s economic downturn, the number of taxpayers who come to the IRS with a documented inability to pay their back taxes has tripled from calendar year 2011 to 2012.  The IRS typically places these accounts into Currently Not Collectible (CNC) … Continue reading

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Don’t Tip the Tax Collector

The law is very tough on tax assessors and collectors who extend tax relief in situations where it is not warranted.  It is obviously illegal to bribe a property tax assessor or an IRS agent for reducing a tax bill.  Illegal … Continue reading

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IRS Doc Requests

If you are working with the IRS in an effort to resolve a back tax debt, chances are you will have to divulge to them some, if not most, of your financial information.  You may also be required to submit documentation to … Continue reading

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Bullet Tax?

If Cook County board president, Toni Preckwinkle, has her way, it’s going to be more expensive to buy bullets in Chicago.  She is pushing for a $.05 per bullet tax to take effect as a means of curbing violent crime in a city that … Continue reading

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At the End of Shulman’s Term

With Doug Shulman concluding his service as Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service early next month, I thought it might be nice to look at some of the details of the office itself and look back at some prior Commissioners. The

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