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IRS Reimbursable Service Agreements

The IRS is often called upon to assist other branches of the Federal Government.  Even though the IRS is normally willing to “do them a solid,” those agencies that contract with the IRS through reimbursable work agreements are not paying the IRS fairly.  The IRS is not always getting fully reimbursed for … Continue reading

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Ex-UBS Client Sentenced For Tax Crimes

In 2009 Zurich-based UBS avoided federal prosecution by paying $780 million, admitting it helped thousands of United States citizens evade federal taxes and turned over the names of 250 clients to U.S. authorities. U.S. prosecutors have since charged about 50 … Continue reading

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Too Broke to Pay Taxes

As much as I can, I try to read the classic literature that somehow eluded me while in high school.  I have been reading The Grapes of Wrath, by John Steinbeck and thinking about the migrant farm workers picking fruit and cotton in California during the … Continue reading

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May be Too Late to Score Some Young Buck Swag

If you are following the news stories concerning the financial woes of Rapper Young Buck, you probably know that his IRS situation has escalated to the point that his property is being sold at auction . . . right now.  The … Continue reading

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The Discriminant Index Function

Any tax relief attorney would love to know exactly how the IRS selects returns for audit, but the IRS only gives hints here and there, leaving us to piece it all together ourselves.  A recent TIGTA audit report offers some insight into … Continue reading

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IRS Art Valuation Questioned

I assure you I don’t purposely set out looking for stories that make the IRS look ridiculous.  And I don’t purposely look for evidence that the IRS is a blood-thirsty machine set on crushing any hope of tax relief.  These … Continue reading

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The Multi-Talented Chinese Tax Authority

We think the IRS has been tasked with more than it can handle now that it will have to enforce the new health care law, but it takes just one look at the Chinese taxing authority to rethink how bad it … Continue reading

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Berlin’s 540-Year-Old Debt

Apparently really old debts, . . . extremely old debts, . . . ridiculously old pre-Shakespearean debts can be “laughed off” and do not need to be paid.  Our clients would be thrilled if the IRS treated their tax debt this … Continue reading

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IRS Needs to Revamp Visitation Project

Sometimes I think IRS management has a vision of what it wants to accomplish, but no clear roadmap showing their employees how to get there.  I can certainly appreciate the desire to take the first step and get the ball rolling on … Continue reading

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The Tax Code is the Tip of the Iceberg

As if the Tax Code weren’t enough, tax attorneys also need to be well-versed in the various sources of “IRS guidance.”  IRS guidance can be broken down into about seven main categories.  It is common for government agencies to provide formal … Continue reading

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