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By Julie Bennett and Tom O'Hara ,

We retained Christian to help us deal with business taxes left over from business enterprise which had multiplied grossly with penalties and interest into a huge, unpayable amount and liens that kept us from refi and would ultimately cost us our home. He never made any outrageous promises - only to do his best: which he did in spades. The extremely comprehensive offer in compromise he put together in our behalf worked beautifully and after challenges and answers etc the IRS and state taxes and penalties and interest were forgiven but for a small amount which we immediately paid. Now we are free from the dread of further persecution and can sleep nights, thanks to the diligent and competent efforts of this law firm. We strenuously encourage anyone with tax issues to seek Christian Montgomery and his firm out.



By P. Bishop,

Christian Montgomery is a very good attorney, and a good person..He worked with me, kept me informed...I'm so happy and no more stress...yes I would recommend them...He did a very good job, I truly wasn't expecting things to turn out the way they did...



By Bernard,

If you are reading this then you probably have unresolved tax issues with the IRS and perhaps the FTB as well. My heart goes out to you. I understand all the stress and headaches that involves. Today is your lucky day. You have found someone who can help you resolve your problems. Christian Montgomery is the finest tax attorney in California. I have nothing but praise for his personal integrity and professional abilities. Like you I had major tax problems. I was laid off mid career from a well paying job during the Great Recession and was forced to make early withdrawals from my 401K to survive while I went back to school to retrain for a new career. By the time I graduated and began working again I ended up owing the IRS about $70,000 including penalties and interest. I also owed the FTB another $20,000. I was being bombarded daily with crazy offers from so called tax “specialists”, many who were not even attorneys or accountants, who “guaranteed” they could settle my case for pennies on the dollar. I ignored them as their slick, polished promises sounded too good to be true. Although I stayed in close contact with both tax agencies and attempted to work with them, both the IRS and the FTB ultimately filed tax liens against me. At one point they froze all my assets and threatened to garnish my wages.

I didn’t know who to turn to for help. My wife is an attorney. Even she was at a loss of what to do. Tax law is a highly specialized field. Most attorneys are clueless about how to deal with the IRS or FTB. Then God smiled on me. By chance I found the web site of Montgomery & Wetenkamp. I called and spoke directly with Christian. They do not have secretaries. You will deal directly with Christian or John. I met with Christian and he immediately put my mind at ease. Christian is very pragmatic and down to earth. He does not over promise. He will not claim he can work miracles. He will do the best that he can given your circumstances. His fees are fair and reasonable. Ultimately, after six or seven months of negotiating Christian was able to settle my federal tax debt for approximately $3,500 and help me establish a workable payment plan with the FTB. My advice to you is don’t even think about representing yourself against these all powerful government agencies with unlimited resources. Christian helped me put my tax issues behind me and get my life back on track and for that I will be forever grateful to him. Put your faith in Christian and he will get you the best deal that is humanly possible



By Lou,

I found my tax issues overwhelming and like many others in my situation, I ignored it for years. Finally coming to the realization I had to address it, I obtained representation using several CPA's who claimed expertise and a lawyer to represent me. None of my attempts resulted successfully. I also found out that I had to do most of the paper work myself. The wasted time and effort only resulted in penalties and interest added to my tax problems. Finding the law firm of Montgomery & Wetenkamp was truly fortunate. John Wetenkamp took over the case, provided a timeline and applied his expertise to approach each of my cases. My EDD issue was resolved within weeks. My FTB issue reached a payment plan within 2 months that allowed me to start paying it down and finally, my years of IRS issues totaling over $500K resulted in an accepted Offer In Compromise amounting to $2K in total payments. John's efforts was completed within 11 months from the time I originally signed up with his firm.



By Blanca,

To anyone looking for a great and reputable tax attorney(s) at a reasonable price, I highly recommend Montgomery & Wetenkamp. The day my husband and I received a 30 day tax lien for a debt of $26,000 (plus penalty fees), our lives at that moment became very stressful and hopeless. After searching for relief, I came across Montgomery & Wetenkamp website, gave them a call and was impressed with the amount of information Christian Montgomery had provided me with. Hiring him was the one of the best choices I’d made. He delivered what was expected out of an attorney. Christian was dedicated, committed, honest, and always communicated without me following up with him. Thanks to his incredible work, our case was solidified in a matter of a few months and was granted a hardship; an ending I never thought would be possible. Thank you, Christian!



After trying to resolve my Tax debt for many years to no avail I found Montgomery & Wetenkamp. My debt had escalated to over $80,000.00. Within 10 months they negotiated with the IRS on my behalf and it was settled for $955.00. A little over 1% of the debt. Give them a call and let their law firm do the rest. Thank you just doesn't seem like enough.



By Robert,

In February 2013, I was notified by the IRS that a tax lien had been filed against me in excess of 37k. The IRS was threatening to garnish my wages and seize my bank accounts unless I take immediate action. Fearing they would seize my assets and future earnings I contacted Montgomery & Wetenkamp. I met face to face with both Christian and John in their office the day I called them. We went over my current financial situation and how much I owed the IRS. From there they talked me through the entire process and explained to me what they thought they could do.

I settled for less than 19% of what I owed. John and Christian relieved my worries and stress by maintaining communication with me throughout the entire process. Today my tax problems are behind me and I have a fresh start. If you want lawyers who are straight forward with you from day one and truly have your best interests in mind which is to settle your tax problems, then I recommend Montgomery & Wetenkamp. Thank you again John and Christian, not only did you settle my tax problems you gave me a fresh start in life.



By Robert,

Facing issues with any tax agency be it the IRS or Franchise Tax Board in California, can be a daunting task for anyone. My wife and I were recently faced with a 5 year IRS tax audit ranging from home office deductions to money forgiven on the short sale of our home a few years ago. Also I might add we are currently retired and live on a very small fixed income. Christian Montgomery a fellow Rotarian stepped in to help. He prepared us well made sure we knew what we were up against, he did not pull any punches. I knew we would not come out unscathed but with Christian in our corner the day of the audit, an audit I expected to last days, was over in less than 4 hours with us owing a very small amount in comparison to what we could have owed without such superb representation. In conclusion Christians firm did a fantastic job for us and we very much appreciate it, and the fees were very reasonable.



By Kathy,

From my first telephone conversation which was in the evening, he put my heart at ease that he would be able to help me with my IRS problems. Within one week of my first initial office meeting, which was 4/30/2013, he was able to work out arrangements with the IRS which was in my favor and best interest, which no other attorney did on my behalf they just took my money and did me more harm than good.



By Lynn,

Christian turned an impossible situation with the Franchise Tax Board of California to a total win for my wife and I. We found him easy to communicate with. He kept us informed every step of the way and was very responsive and compassionate to our questions, and obtained excellent results in our legal matter. He has earned our highest possible endorsement.



By Rodell,

I can honestly say that from the beginning I felt confident with Christian. I was really in a bad position because I'd already hired another law firm to give me tax debt relief and help me with my situation and was totally misrepresented. So I was very concerned about who I would have represent me next. After our initial conversation I was positive about Christian’s representation. He assured me that he would do his best and that I would be satisfied with the results. Christian made sure to always keep me informed and I was able to get in contact with him whenever I felt the need. I wish I could say more, but it didn't take long for him to make me the satisfied client that he said I would be. I wouldn't hesitate to hire Christian Montgomery or recommend him to anyone with a legal issue.

Thank You! 


Christian Andrew Montgomery

By Gloria,

I am so very GRATEFUL!! to have Mr. Montgomery as my Attorney. I was able to place my trust in him, and know that my case was going to be handled in a very professional manner. From the very first phone call he put me at ease, was very patient and honest with me. He answered all my questions. He made a very stressful situation less stressful. He started working on my case immediately and worked very hard to resolve my case. Mr. Montgomery was excellent at keeping me informed. He responded on a timely manner to all my e-mails and phone calls, And always made me feel that his knowledge on how to handle my tax issues was going to get my case resolved. I cannot say enough about Mr. Montgomery. He has truly been such a wonderful Attorney.
I highley reccommend him.


Great work!

By Thomas

Christian was extremely knowledgeable and thorough with my case. He kept me to date and did an excellent job resolving it.


Experience, Guidance and Comfort

By Harris,

After years of digging an ever-deeper hole for ourselves, we contacted Christian for IRS tax help we thought would be out of our grasp. In our initial consultation with him, he evaluated our situation without being at all judgmental and let us know that there is a way out from under everything we dug from that hole and piled on top of ourselves.


Wetenkamp, finally someone to trust

By a Tax client,

John Adam Wetenkamp was kind, understanding, and helpful since the beginning of our case. He helped us with an IRS Installment Agreement. He gave us options on how he would be able to help us and told us which option was best. He also explained every option with every detail and answered all of our questions. When hired, he still responded asap to our email and cleared out some information that we were doubting on. Wetenkamp made it easy on us and took our stress away. The IRS Installment Agreement that he made was better than we had thought. I would and will recommend John Adam Wetenkamp to anyone with the need of an IRS Installment Agreement.


Upfront, Trustworthy and gets it done.

By Michael,

Big Brother IRS was coming after me pretty hard for taxes I couldn't pay; going so far as going after my ex as well as putting a lien against my bank account. I went to John & Christian in hopes of filing an Offer in Compromise. They instead suggested and succeeded in getting Big Brother to put my account in Hardship Status; despite numerous complications, including the aforementioned EX's counter complaint. Thank you for everything John & Christian!